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Small Business Backed Ordinance Introduced to Simplify Chicago Sign Code

Today, Alderman Joe Moreno introduced an ordinance that would allow business owners to place non-structural signs and certain stickers on their windows for more than sixty-days without paying for a permit.  It would clarify current sign permit requirements and provide the opportunity for small businesses to address violations prior to being fined.

This marked a great step forward in the SBAC-lead advocacy effort to simplifying the sign code in Chicago and bring much-needed relief to entrepreneurs. Small business owners in Chicago want to comply with the law, but navigating the rules requires valuable time and resources that should be spent on serving customers and growing their businesses.


Don’t Skip the Judicial Branch When You Vote!

SBAC Members from Cook County had the opportunity to hear from candidates vying for the 5th Subcircuit of Cook County at the October Hyde Park Happy Hour hosted by SBAC Executive Board Member, Dwayne Hirsch. Cook County Bar Association President, Dartesia Pitts, was also on hand to discuss the Judicial evaluation process for the bar and ballot navigation for judicial elections.

While candidates for executive and legislative offices are at the top of your ballot, the judicial elections are typically toward the bottom. While there may be a temptation to simply skip that section, the justice system and who sits on the bench can have a direct impact on your business. It is important to review a sample ballot and do a little research on the candidates before entering the voting booth…as you should for any other position up for election.

Panel participants included: Marcellus Moore, Gino Betts, Rhonda Sallee, Shay Tyrone Allen and current 5th Subcircuit Judge Marian Perkins, who was appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court and is now running to retain the 5th sub-circuit seat left vacant by Ricky Jones.

To read more about the event click here to read the write up in the Hyde Park Herald.

SBAC Op-Ed Daily Herald Business Ledger: It’s time for LLC fee reform

The SBAC has an op-ed featured in the Daily Herald Business Ledger in support of SB 867, legislation to lower LLC fees in Illinois. We are working with a robust coalition to see this measure pass the Senate and sent to the Governor’s desk for signature during the fall veto session. We know our state faces many challenges, but we see LLC reform as a real opportunity to display how government can work when elected officials from both sides of the aisle come together. It’s time for Springfield to go beyond the platitudes and take real action in support of the small business community — often lauded, but overlooked when it counts. Click here to read the full piece.

For more information or on this issue or to join our campaign to lower LLC fees, please click here.

SBAC Talks Small Business with Cook County SA, Kim Foxx

The SBAC was proud to host a discussion with Cook County State’s Attorney, Kim Foxx. The evening in Hyde Park was lead by SBAC Executive Committee Member, Dwayne Hirsch. Per the Hyde Park Herald:

Foxx is the first African American woman to lead the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, the second largest prosecutor’s office in the country. During the event, she spoke about her personal and professional journey to become State Attorney, as well as how her office impacts small businesses in the Cook County area.

The SBAC looks forward to a productive partnership with the Cook County State’s Attorney in hopes of to improving the county’s relationship with entrepreneurs and provide positive change for our state. Click here to read the full article.


Small Business Owners Just Want Quality, Affordable Health Care Coverage

SBAC CEO Elliot Richardson offered the small business perspective on the news that Blue Cross Blue Shield will be leaving the public health insurance exchange for small businesses, also known as SHOP, in 2018. This will leave only one insurance option for small business owners utilizing SHOP, which was created as a result of the Affordable Care Act. 

Small businesses can still purchase Blue Cross Blue Shield plans for their employees, but now must do so off of the exchange.

Click here to read the full article via Crain’s Chicago Business.

Sign Code Violations Spike in Chicago

The complicated nature and erratic enforcement of the sign code in the city of Chicago continues to be a hot topic for small businesses. SBAC CEO, Elliot Richardson, was quoted in DNAinfo Chicago’s most recent article in a series on this issue. Our organization is working with many stakeholders to reform the code, so that hardworking business owners can focus on serving customers, not avoiding fines.

The piece provides real stories of small business owners struggling with the city sign code. Read the full article by clicking here.