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Daily Herald Editorial: We must make lawmakers accountable to the public ahead of their party leaders

The SBAC participated in the Multi-Chamber luncheon to host Governor Bruce Rauner. The GOA Regional Business Association did a fantastic job of putting together an incredibly well-attended event.

Elliot Richardson, SBAC CEO, addressed the crowd about how zealous non-partisan advocacy can push politicians to enact common-sense policies to improve Illinois’ economy.  He discussed how the engagement of the small business community can push lawmakers to be more accountable to their constituents than party leaders.

Read more here in this Daily Herald Editorial.

How launching a Chicago home-based business just got easier

REBOOT ILLINOIS – How launching a Chicago home-based business just got easier

Small business advocates have fought to ease restrictions that make it difficult to launch a home-based business in Chicago.  On February 22, the City Council passed an ordinance that eliminated several rules hampering the ability of entrepreneurs to launch and grow a business from their home.

Read full article here.

Article written by SBAC Co-Founder & CEO Elliot Richardson and Advocacy Director Ryan Tolley

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‘The Sunday Spin’ features Elliot Richardson Feb. 12

THE SUNDAY SPIN – SBAC Co-Founder and CEO Elliot Richardson will be on The Sunday Spin: Politics with Rick Pearson this Sunday, February 12, after the 7:30 a.m. news update. Tune in to learn about how a coalition of business groups is urging Gov. Rauner and General Assembly leaders to end the unprecedented Illinois budget impasse. You can listen to the show live at

On this week’s show, guests also include Wheaton Republican U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam and Michael Golden, author of “Unlock Congress.”

Rick Pearson is a political reporter at the Chicago Tribune and host of The Sunday Spin on WGN Radio-AM 720. Listen every Sunday morning from 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. or check out an archive of past shows here.




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Area chambers, small business groups “exhausted” by impasse

CHICAGO TRIBUNE – Morning Spin: Area chambers, small business groups “exhausted” by impasse

The Small Business Advocacy Council and a coalition of 23 local chambers of commerce and other business groups have written a letter to Gov. Rauner and legislative leaders urging them to finally end the budget impasse.

“The remarkable dysfunction in Springfield continues to damage the state’s economy. The inexcusable failure of Illinois’ politicians to pass a responsible budget, and the resulting fall-out, continues to hurt small businesses, devastate non-profits, negatively impact college students and cause irreparable harm to our state,” the letter says.

(Rick Pearson)

See full article here.

Tom Cullerton announces Illinois crowdfunding is ready to go

CHICAGO TRIBUNE – Senator Tom Cullerton encourages local residents and businesses to consider intrastate equity crowdfunding as an option to expand and start new businesses.

“The only way to grow our economy is to promote business friendly policies,” Senator Tom Cullerton said. “This new [crowdfunding] model will not only benefit Illinois, but local communities as well.”

Cullerton is excited to announce that crowdfunding is coming out strong in 2017 in Illinois. Three local businesses are now conducting intrastate crowdfunding through Illinois’s first crowdfunding portal, VestLo, including Cardfrenzy, Native Sons of Chicago and Crosstown Fitness.

“Small businesses are essential to growing our economy and creating new jobs in Illinois,” he said. “This is a new opportunity for Illinois businesses to grow and stimulate our economy.”

Read the full Chicago Tribune article here.

Illinois Crowdfunding Starting Strong in 2017

CROWDFUND INSIDER – SBAC member Anthony Zeoli of Freeborn & Peters LLP recaps our intrastate equity crowdfunding press conference, which took place on Jan. 17 at 1871 Chicago.  “While it took longer than expected to get here, crowdfunding for Illinois businesses is now officially up and running and it’s full steam ahead,” says Zeoli.

As a little background, the Illinois intrastate crowdfunding law allows Illinois businesses to raise up to $4 million, per year, from Illinois investors, much higher than the federal cap of $1 million.

Read the full Crowdfund Insider feature here.

Newsmakers: Despite state budget cloud, business poised to grow in 2016

SBAC co-CEO Elliot Richardson had the opportunity to discuss Illinois’ budget crisis, and the impact it is having on the small business community, at this month’s Daily Herald Business Ledger’s “Newsmakers’ Forum: Business & Economic Outlook 2016”. Elliot expressed his confidence in the state’s small businesses and entrepreneurs but also his concern about the damage Illinois’ political leaders are doing to the economy. Continue reading Newsmakers: Despite state budget cloud, business poised to grow in 2016