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SBAC Membership Programs

Advocate Program

If you are interested in getting involved in public policy, consider joining our Advocate Program.

• Attend Policy Committee Meetings

• Advocate with the SBAC on behalf of small business in Springfield and DC

• Stay updated on the political issues affecting the small business community

Cost: Donation




Member Program

SBAC Members receive the same benefits as Advocates, as well as other advantages helpful for small business owners. View our Member Directory here.

• Unlimited access to all chapter events

• Take advantage of member benefits programs, including our office sharing program, SBAC Marketplace and more.

• Network, learn, and grow your business

Cost: $35 / month, $90 / quarter, or $300 / year




Pro Partner Program

As vital supporters of the SBAC, Pro Partners benefit from many additional networking and advertising opportunities within the organization. View our list of Pro Partners here.

• Attend monthly group meetings with SBAC Leadership

• Listed on SBAC website and the advertising section in our Awards Dinner Program

• Receive Pro Partner connections and introductions

Cost: $1500 / year




Compare the benefits of these three programs with this PDF File.