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A Resource for Small Businesses

We’re all going mobile. With that, policy setting and security are big concerns for small businesses. Mobile Device Management (MDM) from 3Points is coming soon. This service will allow you to set-up, monitor, secure and manage iOS and Android-compatible devices under one central location. It’s enterprise-level monitoring for small business. And that’s exciting! A lot of what we do, say, create, access and share is put on these devices.
For now, MDM refers to phones (although we are testing other devices). To start, there are two choices for a small business owner: own and distribute the phones or adopt a BYOD or bring your-own device policy.
Here’s a...

After the switch to their new algorithms, Google has made the world of SEO confusing, complex and even baffling. SEO experts claim that keywords and backlinks are all that matters. However, did you know that there are actually 200 signals being used by search engines, especially Google, to index organic content?  The signals range from backlinks to keywords to social interactions.

Here are the most important factors used by Google when indexing websites:

  1. Your Domain: A 6-month-old website versus a 1 year old website does not make a difference. However, a 10-year-old website will have more...

Most of us strive our entire careers to get “that one big job” or to land that “one big client”. We work long, hard hours, giving up weekends and evenings to get into a position where we will be successful and then sometimes we start doubting ourselves and our self worth.

This is a very normal human response however contradictory it sounds. We are afraid of being hurt or disappointed. We naturally want to protect ourselves from harm. We build strong psychological walls for ourselves and use self-talk to guard against hurt.

Here’s how the conversation with yourself usually goes….”Don’t get your hopes up. When something goes wrong (and it will…it always does) at least you won’t be surprised. You really don’t deserve...