Southland: End Illinois’ Political Standoff Now!

Join a robust group of business organizations, small business owners, non-profits, universities and Chicago Southland residents at our April 26th Town Hall and send this powerful, non-partisan message to our politicians:  Pass a responsible budget and enact the reforms necessary to revive the Illinois economy now. Why your participation matters? Illinois has not had a … more


SBAC Signs of Change Coalition- Press Conference

Our coalition’s efforts to eliminate the need for business owners to obtain City Council approval prior to hanging a simple wall sign, or renewing their public way use permit for unchanged signs, continues to gain momentum! Here is the video highlighting our efforts and the general issues pertaining to hanging a sign. A press conference … more


SBAC Mid-Year Real Estate Forecast

Don’t miss this great educational panel on the Mid-Year Real Estate Forecast! This is the perfect opportunity to build your referral network, gain new relationships, and learn about the trends that are being seen in real estate and construction. At this event, you will hear from our panelists on: How the market has been for … more


Early Bird Tickets Ends April 14th!

Celebrate the SBAC’s successes achieved together during the past six years! Learn how we will continue to advocate for the small business community and empower entrepreneurs throughout Illinois. Revive our state’s economy and change Illinois’ political landscape by building up our critical mass with the small business community. Join us at this fundraiser event and support … more


SBAC Independent Map Amendment

With 90% of Illinois’s races unopposed, the Independent Map Amendment may be our best hope for a process that serves people and not just political interests. Supporters of the nonpartisan Independent Map Amendment have collected hundreds of thousands of signatures in an effort to put a constitutional amendment on the November ballot that if passed, … more


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