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A Resource for Small Businesses

Experience and proficiency in networking can only be gained by actually getting out there and doing it. That being said, there are ways for young professionals to prepare themselves for the world of business development. Successful networking is like anything else you have ever done. In order to get better you have to set goals, monitor your results and refine your techniques to get better.

Utilize these tips in order to build confidence that you are going about things the right way in your initial forays into networking and business development.

Form Relationships
Strong networkers have a mindset that focuses on what they can do for someone else more than thinking what that person can do for you. By keeping with...

Small business owners often take on an “Us against the world” mentality which fuels much of their success. However, even the best entrepreneurial leader needs someone in his/her corner. If you have not considered it, you may want to think about creating an Advisory Board to expand your expertise and overall reach. While there is little risk involved in having an Advisory Board, there are a few necessities to take into consideration so that it provides some worth and does not waste anybody’s time.

Who to Include
For an Advisory Board to be truly effective, there needs to be a strong bond of trust between the business owner and all members of the board. It is recommended that one reaches outside of their group of close...

...by Adopting Microsoft OneNote

Where did that little piece of paper go? You know the one. It lists three things for the big meeting. And where are the brochure changes? You can see the electric blue sticky note in your mind, but you just can’t find it. Is there a black hole for socks and notes? Where’s the scribble outlining the new process, the inspiring quote, the to-do list for tomorrow? Panic. How are you going to do the to-dos IF YOU CAN’T FIND THEM?

When it comes to random writings, the game changer is called OneNote from Microsoft. Available for Android, Windows and Apple iOS devices, the cloud-based app offers up digital “notebooks” or tabs defined by how you think and what’s important to you. Examples of...