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It's no secret that toxins are everywhere, from the polluted air we breathe in the great outdoors to the chemical-laced items that line the shelves inside our homes. While we have little control regarding the quality of the air that surrounds us outside, we can decrease the amount of toxins that we allow to enter our living quarters. "People have become more aware of the importance of living in a healthy home, which is why so many toxic-free products are becoming mainstream," Kevin Tibbs, co-founder and formulation chemist of Better Life cleaning products, told AOL Health. Here's how you...

Whether your business is trying to reach a local, national or global market, language has never been a more important consideration than it is today.  Over 60 million people in the US speak a language other than English at home and, in Illinois, the most commonly spoken languages include Spanish, Polish, Chinese (both Cantonese and Mandarin), Tagalog, German, Korean, Arabic, Urdu, Russian, Italian, Gujarati, Greek and Hindi.  For those interested in zooming in by neighborhood, check out this great resource that provides census data for each Chicago neighborhood.

Just because people speak another...

How well are you relationally?  Some of the wellness we seek each day comes to us through the interactions we have with the various people in our lives.  We try to stay healthy by steering clear of people we don't mesh well with and seek to get close to people we love and enjoy.  But what about those times when the very people we say we love we find we cannot stand to be around or worse yet we hurt them and or get hurt by them? What can we do to manage the stress from relationships that go sideways?

Think about the last time you were in a conflict with someone or experienced hurt in the relationship?  Maybe you had a misunderstanding with someone and hurt their feelings or went too far and hurt them physically...