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There’s been a lot of discussion lately about the SEC’s newest capital raising option, Regulation A+. The new regulation, which has been dubbed a “mini-IPO,” will allow issuers of securities to raise funds from both accredited and non-accredited investors under certain circumstances. While many in the crowdfunding community are understandably excited about this new method of raising capital, some have raised concerns over how useful or practical the new regulations will be in practice. Other commentators worry about an increased potential for fraud or malicious activity due to non-accredited investors ability to participate in these new investments. I understand the concerns about cost and time, but I believe that Regulation A+ will...

As business owners, we have all experienced times of adversity or challenge. Sometimes the challenge is thrust upon us by an amazing opportunity that stretches us beyond our current capacity or competencies. Other times it could be a vendor or employee that gives us an unexpected challenge that we have to take on, whether we like it or not. In most circumstances, we are accustomed to rising to the occasion without even thinking about it; we expect to encounter these hurdles along the way and we are prepared for them.

What about those times when challenge after challenge seems to mount before us – and we find ourselves in constant motion uncertain how much more we can handle? It is in these times that it can be hard to imagine how...

CRM systems are databases created to hold information about people relevant to your organization and have long been a staple in the business-to-business world. Your success is driven by people inside and outside your organization, whether you are a business, government agency or nonprofit. CRM is the way you can manage relationships and measure success.


What is CRM? A Definition of Customer Relationship Management
and Constituent Relationship Management.

In the commercial business world, they are typically referred to as “Customer Relationship Management” systems. In the public sector or nonprofit/NGO realm, you may hear the term “Constituent Relationship Management” used instead to...