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 On June 30, 1975, BusinessWeek foretold of the paperless office. After a
century of tireless toil, traditional typewriters were finally bowing
to text-editing models. The future? A “collection of electronic
terminals linked.” The magazine dubbed Xerox and IBM as the chief
architects (no forbidden fruit until April 1976!). By 1990, the article
stated, most record-handling would be electronic with documents, mail
and messages accessible “by pressing a button.”

Fast forward to today. While a few multicolored file folders may still accessorize our desk, they certainly are less fat than they used to be. The continuum of swapping paper for electronic...

I think two qualities are absolutely critical when selecting a divorce or child custody attorney (and likely any attorney). Honestly, there have been times in my legal career where I did not abide by both of these traits and the quality of legal services that I provided was far inferior to the quality of legal representation that our firm currently provides.

  • First, the law firm should have a team of people with different strengths in order to ensure that the cases are resolved in the fastest time possible . In my opinion, the “sweet spot” for law firms in the family law practice area is a law firm that employs 2-5 attorneys The big problem with sole practitioner attorneys is that cases being handled are not pushed to move...

Peter R. Olson, Attorney at Law, advocates on behalf of individuals, families, and children during adoption, dissolution of marriage, and parentage cases often involving child custody, intricate property issues, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. Peter is an Allied Attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund where he provides pro bono representation on behalf of persecuted Christians. He’s a graduate of both Winona State University (MN) and the Southern Illinois University School of Law.