Here’s what small biz wants to see happen in Springfield—now

The State of Illinois is heading into September without a budget and that is unacceptable.  SBAC CEO Elliot Richardson writes in Crain’s about reforms politicians can embrace to forge a compromise and pass a budget.  Ideas include closing tax loopholes, stabilizing property taxes and a compromise on worker’s compensation reform.   Illinois’ politicians must work together and … more


Listen to SBAC CEO Elliot Richardson and Land of Lincoln Health President Jason Montrie’s spot on WCPT 820AM as they talk about affordable health care for the small business community

SBAC CEO Elliot Richardson and Land of Lincoln Health President Jason Montrie’s spot on WCPT 820AM as they talk about affordable health care to the small business community.


Chicago Tribune Article on Sente Legislation Empowering Entrepreneurs through Crowdfunding Signed Into Law

“This measure has been a top priority for the business community, so it was a pleasure to work with the Small Business Advocacy Council (SBAC) to see it signed into law,” Sente said. “Intrastate equity crowdfunding marks a new milestone in entrepreneurship that will help us to create jobs and encourage economic growth throughout the … more


Governor of Illinois Signs Crowdfunding Bill Into Law

I know I speak for myself and all those who helped this law get to where it is (like Elliot Richardson of the Illinois Small Business Advocacy Council and Representative Carol Sente) when I saw that we cannot wait to user in the era of Illinois crowdfunding. I truly believe that it will be a … more


“Lead or Leave” by Elliot Richardson

Illinois politicians are not governing. Instead, each week they head to Springfield to hold press conferences and berate one another. The conduct of Illinois’ political leaders more resembles professional wrestling than legislating. Speeches, showmanship, and rhetorical body slams have trumped compromise and governance.   Full article here.


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