3Pointer: Love Your IT Services Provider and Your Company Will Thrive

As of this writing, Mr. and Mrs. Karam Chand from Bradford, England have been married for 89 years (The Yorkshire Post). They tied the knot December 11, 1925 and never looked back – except to say that enjoying life, wanting to do good for the other person, and eating veggies all contributed to an 89-year … more


Talking Points 6/15

Dear Advocates, We look forward to another great week in the world of advocacy. Communication is key to relaying our message to our membership. We send out a number of newsletters a month to each chapter, community and for advocacy updates. Let us know if you would like to be added to one of chapter … more


5/25 Talking Points

Dear Advocates, A lot of great events ahead of us for the last week of May and the month of June. We are ending May with a venture pitch session at Level Office in downtown Chicago. Join us to see four companies looking to grow pitch to a panel of judges and the audience. The … more


Intrastate Crowdfunding Bill Passed by Illinois General Assembly

Back in March, I wrote about HB 3429, the proposed Illinois intrastate equity crowdfunding bill. The bill would allow Illinois companies to raise capital from Illinois residents through crowdfunding platforms in exchange for equity. As I explained in my original article, I was excited about the bill’s potential to open up exciting new investment opportunities … more


5/10 Talking Points

Dear SBAC leader, Although the weather this weekend suggested otherwise, summer is upon us. Please check out the what we have planned in the upcoming weeks and months. Advocacy- The final push for Crowdfunding! We will be sending the team down to Springfield again this week to continue our push to make access to capital … more


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