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Health Saving Accounts

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Inland Bank & Trust provides Health Savings Accounts and Programs for Employers, Brokers and Consumers across the United States.

About Us

Inland Bank, established in 1977, is a growing Chicago based community bank with 10 bank locations and a national online presence for bank deposits, HSA checking, home mortgages and SBA lending.

Inland Bank’s HSA program is listed on all of the top HSA Administrator search engines and is highly rated where a rating is offered – see HSA Advantage with Investment options also available. For more information

Our Product

An Inland Bank HSA is like an IRA for your healthcare that empowers you to prepare for and manage healthcare costs. HSA’s offer triple Tax benefits, including tax-free saving, growth, and spending on qualified medical expenses anytime, from today throughout your retirement – something you can’t get from other retirement accounts. HSAs complement your retirement plan, helping you prepare for the $250,000 or more you may need for retirement medical expenses. HSAs can also be used to save and pay tax-free today for your qualified healthcare expenses – from doctor’s visits to prescriptions, as well as dental and vision expenses.

Open your account with Inland Bank and you will receive and HSA Visa Debit Card and can enroll in online banking, bill pay and mobile banking – all at no additional fee.


HSA Checking Account Health Savings Account
Minimum Balance to Open $100.00 or zero with paper enrollment*
Monthly Service Charge $0.00
Minimum Balance to Avoid Service Charge $0.00
Interest Compounding frequency Monthly
Interest posting frequency 1 Monthly
Minimum balance to earn interest 1 $0.01
StarSF ATM Access Unlimited
Monthly service charge for optimal check imaging N/A
1 For deposit rates goto


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Instructions for Enrolling as a New Employer

1) Complete the form attached and email it to or fax to (630) 908-6460

2) Within 24 hours, an HSA Account Executive will reach out toyou and add your employment group to our system. Once added, we will be able to accept online or paper account.

3) Either Dina Derman or Ashley Sabat, HSA Account Executives, will work directly with the designated HSA contact to help choose the most convenient enrollment and contribution method.

4) The assigned HSA Account Executive will work directly with the HSA contact person or unsurance agent/broker to customize employee education materials and the account enrollment process.

5) The employee enrollment process begins.