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Child Care Tax Credit

Child Care Tax Credit

HB 3950 & SB 1444

Childcare has a powerful effect on local economies, as the affordability of childcare in many ways dictates whether parents participate in the workforce or remain at home to care for their children. Prior to the pandemic, childcare was already becoming financially impractical for many parents with the rising costs of care. The pandemic exacerbated this issue with many childcare centers shutting down, thus driving costs up as the number of childcare resources available to parents decreased.

HB3950 House Sponsors: Rep. Marcus C. Evans, Jr., Anna Moeller, Theresa Mah, Lindsey LaPointe, Abdelnasser Rashid, Joyce Mason, Nabeela Syed, Barbara Hernandez, Kelly M. Cassidy, Bob Morgan, Kevin John Olickal, Laura Faver Dias, and Suzanne M. Ness

SB1444 Senate Sponsors: Sen. Mike Simmons, Javier L. Cervantes, David Koehler, Cristina H. Pacione-Zayas, Willie Preston, Adriane Johnson, Robert Peters, Rachel Ventura, Mary Edly-Allen, Mattie Hunter, Ann Gillespie, Karina Villa, Laura Fine, and Michael W. Halpin


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