5 Questions to Ask When Picking a VoIP Provider for Your Business

5 Questions to Ask When Picking a VoIP Provider for Your Business
By: Robert Harney

Navigating the selection process of a VoIP provider reminds me of the scene from the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where the Grail Knight tells the German scientist to choose the chalice of Christ and upon his choice and after the German disintegrates the Knight says… “he chose poorly.”

Each and every Business VoIP Provider will have a slightly different list of services, feature sets, and associated prices, but the reality is most people use the same basic few features which are common in every Cloud Business VoIP Provider.

Before choosing a Business VoIP Provider it is important to ask these five questions:

  • Does my current Internet Provider plan provide sufficient consistent bandwidth to support VoIP?
  • What are the startup & recurring costs? Are there any hidden fees? How much are taxes as well as other fees?
  • Can I keep my current numbers? What is the cost to keep and port them?
  • When my internet connection is down what happens? Will my calls automatically be rerouted or will I need to contact the provider?
  • Do I want to rent equipment from my vendor or purchase my own?

Educating yourself, knowing the system requirements are ahead of time, and selecting an experienced provider, will help make the transition to VoIP fast, easy, and cost effective.

Robert Harney is the Founder of Open One Solutions, Inc., a Chicago based Business VoIP Provider specializing in both cloud / hosted and premised based IP phone systems or IP-PBX solutions. Open One Solutions brings years of experience in this field – using and deploying cloud / hosted VoIP since 2004 and deploying IP-PBX solutions since the 90’s.