What is SBAC Empower?

If you’ve been with the SBAC for long enough, you’ve likely seen SBAC Empower’s logo or articles in passing. But what is this mysterious SBAC Empower that is so prominent around our pages?

SBAC Empower, our 501(c)(3) sister organization, was founded to provide resources to aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs in economically challenged neighborhoods across Chicagoland. The foundation of a neighborhood is its small business community. Small businesses employ neighborhood residents, provide neighborhood services and are the center of neighborhood activities. Helping businesses start, grow and flourish can be a game changer in a struggling community.

SBAC members know that starting a new business is a challenging and oftentimes lonely pursuit. To assist new entrepreneurs, Empower provides trained mentors to support and guide entrepreneurs through their journey. These mentors are SBAC members who understand the challenges of getting a business up and going because they have seen it first-hand and can offer invaluable advice and support. Having a mentor who is only concerned about your success is an invaluable resource.  Empower recently partnered with the North Lawndale New Covenant Community Development Corporation and is providing mentors to startup businesses and entrepreneurs in North Lawndale. In addition to mentoring, Empower provides speed coaching to business owners and has a portal on it’s website that is a one-stop shop for resources for small business owners. If you need subject matter expertise, are looking for a product or service for your business or need to understand a city or state ordinance or law, check out Empower’s resource portal.

Want to help? Empower is looking for mentors. Contact info@sbacempower.org if you are or know someone who would like to serve as a qualified mentor.

Empower is just getting started and would love to have you on their journey to make Chicago a great place for small businesses in all our neighborhoods.