Welcome SBAC Leaders!

Thank you for your support of the SBAC! Below you'll find a few items that we ask you to use as your resources.

SBAC Mission Statement:

The SBAC is a non-partisan, member driven organization that advocates for the small business community and fights to improve the Illinois economy. We harness the power of critical mass to provide support services and cost-saving programs for our members and create opportunities to collaborate in meaningful ways.

Day of Instructions:

  1. Review your Talking Points.
  2. Have each member submit attendance via your the Sign-In Sheet, please pass around the tablet once attendees are seated, or have them submit as they arrive.
  3. State the SBAC Mission Statement above, with emphasis on Non-Partisan Advocacy.
  4. For prospective members that want to sign up, please use the New Member Registration Form.

Talking Points

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Resource Center

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The SBAC will be updating this as we develop more content for you.

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