Action Call: Support Net Neutrality!

Over the past two decades, the internet has changed the way consumers communicate, access information, and participate in the economy. Just as consumer behavior is evolving, technology is also creating new opportunities and challenges by changing the way businesses engage with customers.

As a result, small businesses have an important role to play in technology policy – and a strong, politically potent voice given the presence of retailers, grocers, realtors, banks, restaurants, and other types of businesses in nearly every city, county, and town in the U.S.

Currently, the FCC is reviewing and considering to eliminate existing Net Neutrality rules. Without existing Net Neutrality rules Internet Service Providers (ISP) would have the autonomy to degrade and prioritize internet traffic. Without strong net neutrality rules, ISPs could charge subscribers for internet access, then turn around and double dip, charging websites and applications that those subscribers use extra fees under threat of blocking or slowing the consumer’s access to the content, or degrading the content so consumers may choose migrate to competitors. All of these would impede and impact small businesses ability to compete with large companies.

In order to ensure that small businesses have a level playing field we must make our voice heard and let the FCC and our Congressional Representatives know that Net Neutrality is important to the small business community.

Take Action!

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For more information on Net Neutrality and impacts that changes to existing rules could have click here for additional information or contact SBAC Advocacy Director, Ryan Tolley, at