Action Call: Tell Legislators to End The Budget Impasse Before Session Ends

Illinois politicians still have not passed a budget and it seems increasingly likely the state’s unprecedented budget impasse will extend into the summer. Should this occur, it will mark two years since the state operated with a full budget. Illinois’ budget stalemate has already caused profound damage to the state’s economy and hurt small businesses, non-profits, local communities, college students and many others. The budget impasse has driven our state further into debt and made businesses less likely to invest and create jobs in Illinois.

Illinois’ destructive budget impasse must end. The small business community can lead the effort to make this happen. Please take a few moments to contact your local legislators by clicking here. Feel free to modify the message. However, please stay true to the SBAC’s non-partisan message and implore your individual legislators to work with anyone in Springfield who cares enough about the state to fight for an end to the budget impasse.

We must push local legislators to work together, pass a responsible budget and make reforms that will improve the Illinois economy. The buck stops with every legislator in Springfield. Click on this link or fill out the form below to make your voice heard!