End the destructive Illinois budget impasse

The ideological and political dispute gripping Springfield has led to a destructive and record-long budget stalemate. Indeed, on May 31st, 2016, the Illinois General Assembly ended another legislative session without passing a full budget. The unnecessary budget crisis has caused tremendous damage to Illinois’ economy and has driven the state further into debt. The budget stalemate has also caused devastating damage to local communities, small businesses, non-profits, college students, and many others.


A robust group of business organizations from across the Chicagoland area have banded together to call on the Governor and Illinois legislative leaders to end their unprecedented, destructive political standoff. These organizations have sent the state’s political leaders a letter imploring them to end the Illinois budget impasse now. The letter can be found here.


On June 30th, the last day of FY16, the General Assembly passed a stopgap budget, which funds education for full year and state services for six months. The plan totals $50.6 billion for fiscal year 2017. This includes $8.6 billion in General Revenue Funds, $33.6 billion in other state funds and $8.4 billion federal funds. The measure passed the House by a vote of 105-4 and 54-0 in the Senate and has been signed into law by Governor Rauner.

While the stopgap budget will allow schools to open on time, capital projects to continue, and some social service providers to be paid, it does little to solve the fundamental problems facing our state.

We will continue push hard for a responsible budget and reforms that will revive our state’s economy because Illinoisans deserve better. We look forward to working with you to make this happen!

SBAC and Reboot Illinois Town Hall and Mobilization Event

Contact Ryan Tolley at ryan@sbacil.org to get involved.


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