Affordable Care Plan

For Today, For Tomorrow, For Life




Employees who are actively engaged in their own healthcare decisions and activities are less expensive to insure and more productive overall.When given the opportunity, employees are their own best advocates.

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

 It’s inevitable. Change happens. It may be gradual like the shifting of continents over millennia, or it may be immediate, possibly caused by a momentous event. The healthcare industry is no exception and no stranger to change. The 2010 passing of the Affordable Care Act was such an event. ACA created shock waves in healthcare and other related industries, and is forcing a paradigm shift in the structure and cost of employer benefits packages.

Allied and the SBAC have recognized the need to provide business owners with creative health and wellness products which positively respond to the external changes affecting our customers and members. Allied, who has always been on the forefront of innovation, remains committed to providing better health care options for their clients. Allied is innovating health and wellness solutions – for today, for tomorrow, for life. The SBAC is proud to be aligned with Allied. While this plan may not be right for every business, the SBAC is excited it will be able to provide its members access to the plan.

Affordable Care Plan: A Positive Response

In an era that has already seen almost 10%* annual medical plan cost increases every year for the last decade, traditional benefit plan designs with preferred provider networks will see additional upward pricing pressure. Because of this, companies of all sizes will continue to be challenged to find or evolve corporate benefits plans that abide by the law, that are affordable, and that work fortheir employees. Allied understands this challenge and we can help.

The Affordable Care Plan (ACP) is designed to provide value for member organizations, plan members and brokers alike. ACP is a unique plan thatuses Medicare’s Fee Schedules as the basis for member medical benefits coverage. The Medicare Fee Schedules are transparent and published. By using a published schedule to set appropriate reimbursement levels for care, employers are able to provide more sustainable long-term benefit offerings for their employees.

ACP Employer Advantages: Lower Cost + Educated Employees

Using the Medicare Benefits Schedule as a coverage baseline may lower plan costs by as much as 30% over typical medical plans. But there are other significant advantages that are broader and further reaching. The Affordable Care Plan strongly encourages members to take full charge of and responsibility for their own healthcare decisions. By necessity, members must educate themselves to be responsible consumers, understanding the cost of their own care.

Members will be equipped with the knowledge to discuss their own healthcare costs with medical providers, and to choose the provider they feel offers them the best value. With the help of online research and Allied knowledge centers, members will be able to determine the actual worth of medical care and procedures, and seek their provider of choice without the restriction of networks. Rates will be rates. Care and cost will be streamlined, simpler, and more reflective of American capitalism. Therefore, employees will become their own best healthcare advocates … for themselves and for their families.

ACP Member Advantages: Simplicity + Choice

In a valiant effort to create cost sharing plans where members share in the responsibility for their own healthcare, many benefit plans and statements have become so complicated that employees are challenged to understand them. The Affordable Care Plan simplifies everything. Care and procedures are covered at specified levels without Preferred Provider networks that adjust and alter benefit payments. Benefits are reimbursed at a flat, transparent rate.The simplicity is astonishing.

The Affordable Care Plan also gives members the ability to choose their own healthcare providers, without limitation. They are free to research or inquire on the cost of any medical service and to review prices with providers on their own behalf. This freedom puts members in control of their own healthcare destiny.


Allied understands that organizations today need affordable, sustainable benefit services that align with their strategy, culture and budget.

The Affordable Care Plan accomplishes this goal. The Affordable Care Plan includes standard features of traditional medicalplans along with prescription drug coverage, patient advocacy, wellness and 24/7 physician consultation via phone and video.

For a partner who’s committed to the financial health of your organization and the health and wellness of your members, Allied is here … For Today, For Tomorrow, For Life.

Group medical insurance, under the Affordable Care Plan, is underwritten by Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York. There is no owner affiliation between Standard Security Life and Allied Benefit Systems, Inc. This advertisement is for Policy Form SSL MMP 0205. This insurance is not connected with the Federal Medicare program.

* Kaiser Family Foundation/Health Research & Educational Trust September 11, 2012