Allow Local Communities to Address Local Licensing Issues

The SBAC partnered with a robust coalition in support of SB2436, to amend the archaic Liquor Control Act of 1934 which prohibited the sale of alcohol within 100 feet of a religious institution, school, hospital or military station. Until the passage of this bill, the only recourse for a small business owner to receive an exemption was for a bill to be drafted, passed by the General Assembly and signed into law. The outdated statute was an obstacle to the growth of local economies, often in areas where new opportunities are needed most. SB2436 reforms this process so that rather than painting all communities with a single brush, local leaders can determine the restrictions that best serve their businesses and residents.

Every community is unique and faces different challenges, therefore, giving local government’s discretion over this standard is a practical solution. The elimination of this requirement will help spur economic development and job growth, especially in under-served communities, who experience a high concentration of places of worship. It is important to note that such an exemption would be strictly limited to restaurants where the sale of alcoholic liquor is incidental or secondary to the business’ primary activity.

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