Ask Your State Rep to Support the Regulatory Sunrise Review Act!

Obtaining a license to do business in Illinois should not create unnecessary barriers for entrepreneurs or be an overly burdensome process.  An Illinois state license is now required for roughly 400 occupations.   While public health and safety must come first, new licenses should not be created unless they are necessary to protect the safety and welfare of the public.  New licenses that are established by the legislature should also be crafted in the least restrictive manner to achieve its objectives.

Please use this tool to contact your House Member and ask them to pass HB5212 during the fall legislative session.  HB5212 will provide legislators a way to obtain objective information about any safety risks a proposed license will address and the economic impact associated with the license.  This legislation, named the Regulatory Sunrise Review Act, will provide legislators with a process for receiving information and analysis from independent parties regarding whether a new license is warranted, the reasons for the license, how it will impact the economy and how to craft necessary licenses in the least restrictive way to ensure it is effective.

We ask you to contact your representative in the Illinois General Assembly and urge them to co-sponsor this important legislation to ensure legislators have the full picture before approving new occupational licenses for industries.