August 25, 2014 Talking Points

  • Mike Cavanaugh to take the reins as Executive Director
  • Four years ago, Mike Cavanaugh and Elliot Richardson co-founded the SBAC. Mike and Elliot believed that by coming together and speaking with a united voice,  the small business community could influence public policy and improve the economic reality for businesses and families in Illinois.  In these four short years, we have seen small businesses and entrepreneurs come together, engage in the political process, share resources and form a community.  Mike Cavanaugh has remained deeply engaged working closely with both the SBAC Board of Directors and staff.
  • We are thrilled to announce that Mike Cavanaugh will be joining the SBAC as our Executive Director, effective September 1. 
  • Amy Masters, who has done a tremendous job steering the SBAC as our Executive Director, will be moving on, and her last day is Friday, August 29.  Amy will be greatly missed by everyone in the organization.  We wish her the best of luck in her new position and you can all expect to see Amy at SBAC functions.
  • We are also excited to announce that the SBAC has added another staff member.: John Bart is our new membership director.  John will be looking to ensure that everyone gains value from their SBAC membership, and working closely with Stephanie Nommensen who manages our Chapters, Committees and Communities.  John can be reached at or 312.548.8608312.548.8608. The remainder of the SBAC staff remains unchanged.
  • Everyone at the SBAC is extremely excited about the future of the organization.

Land of Lincoln Health Insurance Update

  • Open enrollment for 2015 health insurance plans is right around the corner.
  • The SBAC brought to bring a health insurance cooperative to Illinois.  We have fought to bring competition to an uncompetitive market place and ensure that a non-profit health insurance option, owned by members and operated by our advocates, is available to small businesses and entrepreneurs.  That is Land of Lincoln Health.
  • In its second year, Land of Lincoln health expects to offer competitive, innovative health insurance options.  There will also be a special SBAC plan sold by SBAC brokers for our members. 
  • To learn more about the plan, contact John Bart at or 312.548.8608312.548.8608. He can direct you to the appropriate person to answer your questions.

The Business Event 

  • For the fourth year in a row, the SBAC and Jewish B2B team up to empower and connect small businesses!
  • This year’s event will be held at Block Thirty-Seven in the heart of Chicago’s downtown, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • The Business Event provides a fantastic forum to introduce your business, make valuable connections, learn and grow as a community.
  • Join our over 100 vendors, thousands of business networkers and prominent workshop presenters that will be participating at this amazing and FREE event.
  • Click here to register and reserve your booth!