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R.I.S.E. Act

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The RISE Act 2020 will help get people back to work safely, and support employers who hire and train employees. Watch how the SBAC is pushing legislation to help gig workers, independent contractors, and others who have lost their job get back to work.Given the pandemic and its continued impact, this is extremely important legislation.  We must act swiftly.

SBAC Partners with Resolute Strategic Services

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SBAC has partnered with Resolute Strategic Services (RSS), a risk-analysis and cybersecurity advisory firm under the elite stewardship of Ron Moultrie, former National Security Agency’s (NSA) Director of Operations.

The RSS team of trusted advisors offers real-world experience to the C-suite and boards in business, non-profit and public sector who need a strategic, holistic approach to assessing organizational risk, understanding cybersecurity vulnerabilities and managing an organization’s digital transformation.

RSS created a FREE CyberSecurity App exclusively for SBAC members as one of our Affinity Programs. The app contains critical information and best practices regarding system security, cyber hygiene practices, alerts for cyber threats, and access to real-time incident response support.

Download the free app on your iOS or Android device today. Take the self-assessment to understand the state of cybersecurity in your organization.

Premier Advocate Spotlight: TeamMerchant

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The SBAC is proud to be a member-driven organization. In honor of our Premier Advocate Members, we have added a unique benefit to spotlight each and every one of them.

Today – the SBAC Premier Advocate Spotlight commences with SBAC Affinity partner and Premier Advocate ~ TeamMerchant! TeamMerchant can help reduce your fees, educate on PCI compliance, and provide the perfect fit for merchant services to your business.  Watch a short clip highlighting TeamMerchant and its long-lasting relationship with the SBAC.

Thank you, TeamMerchant, from all of us at the SBAC!

SOMERCOR – Small Business Financial Forecasting in the New Normal

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Small Business Financial Forecasting in the New Normal

As communities lift COVID-19 restrictions and we begin to revive our economy, small businesses must have plans to navigate an uncertain marketplace. Stabilizing cash flow is paramount. Moreover, this is a good time to review your company’s indebtedness and consider refinance opportunities to take advantage of low interest rates and equity capital to pay for new investments, operating expenses or grow cash reserves. The SBA 504 refinance program is a viable option and has a proven track record of helping small businesses navigate a challenging economic environment. The 504 refi helps small businesses restructure existing debt on their commercial real estate by locking into fixed 20 or 25 year, below market interest rates, providing predictable, lower monthly mortgage payments. Click here to read more from Somercor.

Pritzer Announces Investment of $6.4million in 7 new SBDCs

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The small business community is struggling to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.  On July 1st, the Pritzker Administration announced that the State of Illinois and the Small Business Association will be investing $6.4 million in seven (7) new Small Business Development Centers (SBDC).  This funding will be supplemented with $5.1 million from partner organizations.

Local business organizations and community colleges will operate these SBDCs.  Five (5) will be stood up in Chicago.  The SBDCs will provide free services for small businesses applying for funding through the Business Interruption Grant Program (BIG) and the Rebuild Distressed Communities Programs, both of which are aimed at aiding businesses hurt by the pandemic and the civil unrest following the death of George Floyd. The funds will also go towards supporting existing SBDCs.

The SBAC applauds the Governor’s efforts to provide resources to small businesses.  We also are asking the Governor and Illinois policymakers to adopt the SBAC’s legislative agenda which will help small businesses through these difficult times.  You can find some of our policy initiatives here: SBAC Advocacy Agenda

Team Merchant

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Do you know what is happening in the world of credit card processing? Affinity partner and Premier Advocates Team Merchant have got your back to help reduce your fees, educate on PCI compliance, and provide the perfect fit for merchant services to your business – schedule a time to chat below, and make sure you get the best savings you possibly can.

SBAC’s 1st Virtual Lawyers TownHall RECORDING

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Special thanks from the SBAC to our Sponsor, Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr, and Partner Jason Tremblay for being a panelist on our 1st Virtual Lawyers Town Hall.

Topics discussed included Employment Law, Bankruptcy, and Biometrics.

Make sure to watch the recording here if you missed it.

  • Jason Tremblay, Saul Ewing Arnstein and Lehr
    • Current Return to Work Landscape – What it Looks Like and How To Safely Bring Your Employees Back to Work
  • Barb Yong, Golan | Christie | Taglia LLP
    • Post-COVID:  Bankruptcy and Non-Bankruptcy Options for Small Businesses
  • Howard StoneStone, McGuire & Siegel
    • How to protect your company and business from civil and criminal penalties
  • Denny Esford,Windy City Trial Group, Inc.
    • Biometrics in Today’s World


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SBAC and Tandem HR’s Cost-Saving Outsourced HR Services

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Why should an employer look at a PEO?

Dedicated and happy employees are essential to the growth and success of your organization. Some may argue that employees are your biggest asset. Yet, there are many administrative tasks and compliance concerns that add up as your employee count grows. Tandem HR and SBAC have created a 5% savings on all PEO services provided. Click here and save on HR services today!