Davis Audio & Video

Contact name: David Davis

Phone: 312-848-7172

Email: David@DavisAudio.com

Website: http://www.davisaudio.com/

Title: Owner

Chapter: Chicago

Company Info:

Davis Audio specializes in residential and commercial audio, video and technology.  This includes home automation, control systems, audio systems, video systems low voltage wiring and more.

At Davis Audio & Video, our philosophy is if you can’t figure out how to use your system, we did not do our job effectively. We design all of our systems to be as functionally efficient as possible.  We do the thinking for you. Remotes are one-button operation so you aren’t juggling different remotes back and forth trying to get a system up and running. We do the configuring on the front end to make your day-to-day use of your new custom system as simple as possible.

Whether you opt for just a sound system or go all the way with a custom home theater or home automation, products and systems that are tailored just for your space with your desired functionality in mind make all the difference. Building or renovating? Make your home experience perfect from square one.

Complete your unique restaurant concept with music and television systems that match the feel that you are working to create – with perfectly-placed lighting, screens & speakers – all designed and installed with ease-of-use and functional efficiency in mind.

Having the right audio visual equipment and design can take your sales presentation to the next level. Features like these can optimize your professional setting for maximum deliverability, productivity, and innovation. Give your employees the tools they need to make your company succeed.