Company Info:

Contact name: Karl Zimmerman

Phone: 312.646.7674



We are a Chicago-based company providing innovative managed IT infrastructure services provider for businesses across the U.S. Our “Strengthen Your Focus” motto highlights what sets us apart from the competition. Steadfast enables your team to focus on projects and priorities that grow your business while we focus on your infrastructure.

We Treat You as an Individual

Many vendors provide the same “off the shelf” cloud and managed IT infrastructure services. Steadfast stands out with highly customized service to meet your unique needs and specific business challenges.

  • We understand how to help you achieve business solutions with IT
  • Personalized service at all stages of engagement
  • Custom-designed infrastructure solutions
  • On-demand technical support and expertise available
  • We are a partner to your team, not just a vendor

We are Obsessed with Great Support

Steadfast understands that every minute spent waiting for a support call center to route requests through different prioritization tiers or teams can cost you lost revenue and productivity. Steadfast circumvents this by removing these common barriers. When you request Steadfast support, you are connected directly to a skilled support technician, working inside our data centers facilities, who can take immediate action.

  • Our support is always available – 24/7/365
  • No call centers – real, onsite, skilled engineers, 100% US based
  • No tiered support ticket prioritization
  • 30 minute response SLA – HALF the typical industry time (avg. reported response time for Steadfast is 7.3 minutes)

We Can Help You Control Costs

Controlling costs is more than just getting the lowest vendor price. It’s about understanding how to reduce or avoid costs over the life of service and maximizing your IT investment. Steadfast custom designs your services (with no added design costs) to meet your individual needs, enabling you to pay for only what need.

  • Competitive industry pricing
  • All consultation, design, and support services included – No “add-ons” or support escalation costs
  • Remove hidden or unnecessary costs associated with off-the-shelf services
  • Avoid adding specialized staffing or consultants