Conclusion To Blog Post Series: “A Lawyer’s Perspective: Responding To Regulatory Agency Complaints”

October 27, 2010
Take a look at the Small Business Advocacy Blog to read the conclusion to SBAC member Charles Krugel’s “A Lawyer’s Perspective: Responding To Regulatory Agency Complaints – Part 2 of 2: Disclosure.”

In the conclusion to the Blog series, Krugel discusses how much and what to disclose when responding to a complaint from a regulatory agency.

“As a general rule, it is not always necessary for a responding company to utilize legal or business counsel for the response,” said Krugel. “However, if the responding company is not attuned to the specific regulatory agency’s style or the alleged violations, and it does not have the benefit of counsel to assist in their response, it could adversely affect its chance of receiving a favorable response.”

Charles Krugel is a Chicago-based attorney specializing in labor and employment law and human resources counseling on behalf of management. He blogs at He can be reached at