SBAC Welcomes New Member Janie Minkin And Sage Mediated Solutions

Janie MinkinJanie MinkinDecember 13, 2010
The SBAC is proud to welcome Janie Minkin and Sage Meditated Solutions as one of our newest members.

Janie, owner and founder of Sage Mediated Solutions, L.L.C. is a Mediator specializing in the areas of Divorce, Elder Care and Foreclosure mediation. She holds an MBA in Finance from Loyola University, has thirty hours of study in Psychology, has completed the mediation certification program at Northwestern University and foreclosure training through the Cook County Court system. She is also a member of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR).

Mediation is an alternative approach to problem resolution and most times is much more cost effective. Additionally, the process typically leads to a more satisfied outcome for all parties involved and is accomplished within a shorter time frame. It is a completely voluntary and respectful process that allows parties to explore options, and, many times, arrive at a mutually beneficial solution that may have begun with very disparate views. Parties retain control of all decision-making and have the opportunity to communicate and explore their concerns and interests in a safe and confidential setting.

For additional information or to explore the possibility of using mediation to solve an issue, Janie can be reached at (847) 942-2924 or at