SBAC Launches Online Petition For Small Businesses

June 8, 2010 – In order to help small businesses the SBAC has created the “Together We Can Have A Voice!” petition. Please click on the following link and sign our petition that will support small business and help create new jobs throughout the country.

Together We Can Have A Voice!

Support the SBAC’s efforts to ensure that urgent action is taken to address the lending crisis facing the small business community. Without large sums of money and lobbyists, we can only achieve our goals by banding together and speaking with one strong and committed voice.

Small businesses throughout the country are struggling. Access to credit is vital for small businesses whether they are just starting up, looking to expand, or are struggling to survive. While the government gave large banks $700 billion in bailout money, small businesses have struggled to get the financing they need to keep operating. In these challenging economic times, lending to small businesses will be pivotal in order to re-energize the economy.

High unemployment rates continue to be a crippling problem for everyone in our country. According to the United States Small Business Administration, small businesses employ just over half of U.S. workers. Therefore, any focus on job creation requires urgent action in support of the small business community.

We the people, business owners, employees, and hard-working Americans, call on our government and financial institutions to take PROMPT and URGENT action to address the lending crisis facing small business. These actions include:

– Making $30 billion available to small and medium-sized banks, and to other lending institutions, for the sole purpose of lending those funds to small business owners

– Passing adequate regulations to ensure that the funds tendered to these lending institutions are used for lending to small business and for no other purpose

We also urge Congress to provide these funds in a manner which does not increase our debt or increase the budget deficit. Congress can do this by apportioning returned TARP money for small business lending.