New Health Care Legislature To Put Unnecessary Burden On Small Business

Running a small business is hard enough. Under the new health care legislature, a small business will have to file a Form 1099 for every vendor from whom it buys more than $600 in goods.

Robb Mandelbaum of The New York Times reported that, “In their last week of summer legislating, Republicans and Democrats alike — on both ends of Capitol Hill — made gestures toward repealing a new tax-reporting requirement, raising hopes among small-business advocates who have lobbied fiercely against the measure. But with each side claiming the other’s maneuvers are just feints, the prospects for repealing, or softening, the new law are uncertain at best.”

Outrageous. Let’s see if Congress is willing to stop the gamesmanship and repeal this now. We urge Congress to act and remove this burden from the overall health care bill.

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