Op2mize Offers SBAC Members Free Services

September 8, 2010
Op2mize, LLC is pleased offer all fellow SBAC members the following services FREE of charge (each is worth $1,000):

1) A lease abstract and operating expense audit for all commercial space leases in excess of 2,000 SF

2) A preliminary Energy Efficiency Assessment (EEA) of your commercial space in excess of 2,000 SF

3) Both services if your commercial space is at least 10,000 SF or larger

Lease abstracts, expense audits, and/or Energy Efficiency Assessments are likely to reduce your operating expenses and save you real money. These offers are good thru 12/31/10.

Please visit us at www.op2mize.com or contact us at 847-813-9898 to take us up on these offers. We look forward to hearing from you!