Small Business Groups Form Strong Coalition to Support Health Insurance Co-Op Bill

Press Release


— The Small Business Advocacy Council, the GOA Regional Business Association, the Greater Aurora Chamber of Commerce and the Skokie Chamber of Commerce have formed a strong coalition urging the Illinois State Senate to bring to the floor, and pass, the health insurance co-op bill. This bill, known as HB 3236, will enable small business owners to join together and form cooperatives for the purpose of procuring affordable health insurance. These co-ops will be owned by the business owners in the pools and managed by their advocates. Given the outrageous cost of health insurance, and the fact only 31% of businesses with ten or fewer employees can afford to provide their employees with health insurance, passage of this bill is crucial.

“Soaring health insurance premiums are crippling businesses and costing people their jobs,” explained SBAC president Elliot Richardson. “Imagine, folks managing your health insurance plan who are dedicated to bringing down its costs. When that happens, we will all win,” added Richardson.

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