Samurai Business Group Would Like to Extend an Invitation to Their Sales Mastery Series Workshops

Samurai Sales Mastery Series


This program syllabus provides information that applies throughout the Sales Mastery Curriculum.
The Samurai Sales Mastery Series is based on our revolutionary Buyer Process Management Modelâ„¢. The model is deeply rooted in human behavioral science
and its application to the sales and marketing environment. It is a combination of scientific research, real-life experiences, and common sense.

The program is intended for sales professionals, including business owners, in the business to-business environment who want to develop their business to the next level. The Series focuses on the skills you need to raise your business to a level of distinction among your competitors. Each belt builds on the skills and knowledge of the preceding belts to help you develop proficiency and
sophistication as you attain the level of sales mastery.

The four belts are:
☯ White: Introductory Program
☯ Blue: Foundational Program
☯ Brown: Advanced Program
☯ Black: Sales Mastery

Contact them for workshop dates and details:

Voice: 312.863.8580