SBAC Member FeeFighters Featured In Crain’s Article On Chicago-based Internet Businesses

March 8, 2011
SBAC member FeeFighters was recently featured in a Crain’s article on internet businesses which have chosen to stay based in Chicago. The article, entitled, “Tech flight to Silicon Valley from Chicago slows, as Groupon grows,” focuses on how the trend of tech companies leaving Chicago is slowing down.

“If some of the money wasn’t here, we probably couldn’t have stayed,” says Sean Harper, CEO of FeeFighters. “Our investors from out of town are cool with us staying here. It’s still harder here, but people are getting it done.”

FeeFighters is a comparison shopping website for credit card processing. Their unique auction process and comparison engine allows them to save businesses 40% on average on their credit card processing. FeeFighters is quick and simple and all of the processors that bid on our site are vetted and certified to ensure ethical behavior and top-notch service.

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To read the complete article on Crain’s go to “Tech flight to Silicon Valley from Chicago slows, as Groupon grows.”