SBAC Welcome New Member Patty Loris Of Libertyville Financial Group, Ltd.

April 1, 2011
The SBAC is happy to welcome new member Patty Loris of Libertyville Financial Group, Ltd.

Patty helps her clients prioritize, organize and simplify their financial matters, take care of the people they love and create a plan to achieve financial success.

The approach she takes is to provide a holistic view to financial matters. Patty listens to what keeps people up at night, understands their goals and the obstacles to obtaining the goals. Financial planning is about meaningful conversations. It is about guiding people through the process of aligning their financial resources with their values. It is about creating a plan, implementing the plan, and adjusting the plan as life changes.

To learn more go to Libertyville Financial Group, Ltd. or contact her directly at (847) 918-9100 or


Patty Loris