SBAC Welcomes New Member Diane Field and Field Law and Mediation

April 26th, 2011
The SBAC is happy to welcome new member Diane Field and Field Law and Mediation.

Diane understands that divorce, dissolutions of long term partnerships and other family law matters can cause pain and stress on those affected by it. During this time of crisis, you are called upon to make major decisions about your future and your children’s future too.

It can be an overwhelming legal, financial, emotional and social ordeal. Diane is here to help.

She can help you navigate the decision making process through compassionate dispute resolution methods. She offers mediation and collaborative law practices that allow you to settle your disputes in a cooperative, confidential manner. She assists you in finding a unique long term solution that preserves your family relationship and is in your children’s best interest.

She also understands that not all matters can be resolved in this manner. For that reason, she also offers traditional legal representation in all matters relating to family law and can represent you in court in Cook, Lake and DuPage Counties. Also, for the past several months she has been a mediator for the Cook County Residential Mortgage Foreclosure program.

To learn more about Diane go to Field Law and Mediation or contact her directly at (847) 727-7284 or


Diane FieldDiane Field