New Member Shares Passion Of The SBAC

Stefania AulicinoStefania AulicinoApril 28, 2011
Stefania is on a mission to eradicate the barriers
between where your company is today and
your next level of profitable growth!

Founder and President of CapitalLinkUSA, Stefania Aulicino is a nationally respected growth strategist and financing expert.

The right growth strategy is the one that delivers the highest return with the lowest risk. That’s the Optimum Growth Strategy: all others are suboptimal, more risky. Part of the right growth strategy is the right funding strategy.

Entrepreneurs with revenue between $3 and $30 million hire Stefania to help them fuel their growth and NEVER lose control.

• Clients monetize their value in a uniquely entrepreneurial way.
• Economic self-sufficiency is measured in days and weeks.
• The last funding source we tap is equity so many clients have achieved cash and control with little or no dilution.
• Our Cash and Control System resolves the Entrepreneur’s secret fears around growth funding and ownership.

Clients use this financial freedom to pursue their passion and build a bigger, safer, more profitable company than they ever thought possible.

1988-2011 Celebrating 23 years of business building success

Is your own company poised for its next level of profitable growth?
What would it mean to you if your favorite clients’ fueled their growth ambitions?

Profitable growth, faster, safer, in all economic environments.

To learn more go to CapitalLinkUSA or contact Stefania directly at (312) 951-6777 or