Crain’s Small Business Blog Features SBAC-Drafted Bill

June 1st, 2011
The SBAC is proud to announce that Crain’s Small Business Blog today featured an article that highlighted the SBAC-drafted House Bill 3186. The purpose of the bill is to help small businesses in Illinois receive state contracts.

In the article, entitled “Bill mandating state contracts for small biz a good start,” SBAC President Elliot Richardson highlights the importance of this bill to small business owners in Illinois.

“The Illinois Legislature recently passed important legislation that will, for the first time, set a statewide goal of awarding 10% of all state contracts to small businesses,” Richardson said. “This legislation applies to all state agencies, requiring the heads of these agencies to write and submit compliance plans to their chief procurement officers explaining how they will hit this goal. Annual reports will be submitted to ensure compliance.”

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