SBAC Welcomes New Member Peter Silverman and Apac Unlimited Inc

August 11, 2011
The SBAC is happy to welcome new member Peter Silverman and Apac Unlimited Inc. Although APAC is a relatively new corporation, they offer over 80 years of printing, packaging, point-of-purchase display, promotional interactive mailing and assembly/distribution experience utilized in a variety of industries and SIC categories. The experience gained supported their direction to organize our company as follows:

Their mission is to provide a low cost/best value network of packaging displays and interactive promotional projects. Create an environment for our staff and supplier alliances that drives, recognizes and rewards creativity, innovation, and continuous improvements in support of your goals.
They are “team players” and major contributor to successful projects.

Attempt to maintain a heightened awareness of local and global environments in which they operate to insure an increase in their customer’s revenues.

They increase the effectiveness of their corporation by accelerating the development of their staff.

Companies in the marketplace love the APAC team because the resulting packages, displays, mailers and products instantly stand above the competition. As their name indicates, APAC Unlimited shares with their customers and prospective customers:

Unlimited Creativity – in most types of packaging and display styles ranging from combinations of materials to a single commodity item. They view creativity as the ability to best serve your goals by designing the best package, display or marketing unit for your product in a planned budgeted cost.

Unlimited Order Quantity – whether you require a test run of digitally printed corrugated displays or millions of folding cartons, they will deliver your requirements.

Unlimited Choice of Materials – ranging from paperboard for folding cartons, corrugated for packaging and displays, plain chip for set-up boxes, game boards and spiral tabs to PVC for see-thru containers, tubes, wite, wood, plastic displays, vacuum formed blisters and heat-bent acrylic, they will supply a combination of materials best suited for you.

For more information visit or contact Peter Silverman at (847) 323-3210 or