SBAC Member J.D. Gershbein of Owlish Communications and The City of Chicago Kickoff The Chicago Landmark LinkedIn Series

August 16, 2011
The City of Chicago, in partnership with SBAC member J.D. Gershbein and Owlish Communications, is proud to announce the kickoff of The Chicago Landmark LinkedIn Series. J.D. Gershbein is the Founder and CEO of Owlish Communicationsâ„¢. He provides unrivaled strategic direction to individuals and companies seeking to leverage the power of LinkedIn and translate those efforts into real world results. The Chicago Landmark LinkedIn Series will allow Gershbein to provide his knowledge and guidance to all professionals in Chicago.

The series will be Facilitated by Gershbein, the series encompasses educational programs conducted at various architectural and cultural landmarks in the City of Chicago. The educational session will be 90 minutes long and created to educate the Chicago business community. The educational sessions will focus on how to facilitate LinkedIn good practices, corporate and personal branding, and revenue strategies.

The kickoff of the series will take place on Wednesday August 24th, 2011 7:30am –10:00am at The Berghoff on 17 West Adams Street Chicago, IL 60603. The mini-workshop will reveal the revenue-generating power of LinkedIn and explore the activities and strategies that lead to successful real-world business results. The highlights of inaugural kickoff will cover:

-How to turn your LinkedIn profile into a magnet for business
-How to form a tightly-knit professional network on LinkedIn
-How to translate your LinkedIn activities into tangible business results.

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For more information visit or contact J.D. Gershbein at (847) 651-8989 or