Susan C. Smith Of Sandler Training, Selloquent Presents At SBAC Educational Forum On “Growing Smart”

August 17th, 2011
If you were not able to make it to the SBAC’s July Educational Forum entitled, “Growing Smart,” below is panelist Susan C. Smith Of Sandler Training, Selloquent’s presentation.

Susan C. Smith, founder of Selloquent, LLC, developed practical experience through 20 years in corporate sales and management. She started her career building a territory from cold calls and walk-ins, and she grew her sales acumen to handle complex sales within industry verticals. Her experience as a sales professional includes Fortune 200 companies, midsize companies, and small businesses. Her most recent success is entrepreneurship: building a business from the ground up.

A common quest of business leaders is a stellar sales team that propels the company to the next stage of growth. In this presentation, Susan discusses the issues that can trip up growing firms and businesses when building a sales team. She also covers ways to avoid the fall.

To view the complete presentation please watch the video below. To learn more about Selloquent and Sandler Training please go to: