SBAC Welcomes New Member Christina Canright and Canright Communications.

September 7, 2011
The SBAC is happy to welcome new member Christina Canright and Canright Communications. Canright Communications focuses on creating materials businesses use to bring in more business—to communicate their message in a way that ultimately closes sales. Canright produces content that inspires engagement with your network of prospects, customers, vendors, and employees.

Christina is president and a principal of the woman-owned Canright Communications. Trained as a photojournalist and magazine designer, she has extensive experience in designing and redesigning publications, such as Bakery magazine, Refrigerated & Frozen Foods, Candy magazine, Dairy Foods, and The Journal of Electronic Commerce. When you collaborate with Canright, you receive the guidance and experience of a sales and marketing communications firm running 20 years strong. They have worked with businesses in Chicago and across the country in the technology, engineering, software, banking, professional services, and nonprofit industries, and among others.

Visit or contact Christina Canright at (773) 220-9433 or