MidwestHR New SBAC Strategic Partner

Save 11% off of PEO Services (including Payroll, HR Management, Employee Benefits & Workers’ Comp administration)

MidwestHR, LLC is a forward-thinking Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that brings an innovative HR strategy to organizations who are focused on productivity, profitability and growth. We provide various services and resources related to critical, yet time-consuming and often difficult HR-related demands (such as payroll, workers’ comp coverage & administration, employee training, HR management/compliance, employment law assistance, insurance claims handling, employee orientation, unemployment claim management, etc).

In most cases, our clients don’t have the time, resources and/or interest in performing these “non-profit driving” functions in-house, so they see the value in outsourcing those areas to us. In addition, thanks to our cutting-edge approach to employee benefits, we are often able to significantly lower their health insurance premiums while actually strengthening their offerings in the process. For more information, please visit http://www.midwesthr.com.

Contact Information:
Jeff Rosset
Phone: 630-836-3000
Email: jrosset@midwesthr.com

How to sign up:
Please contact Jeff Rosset directly using the contact information above.