SBAC Members Matt Prazenka and Tim Knaus with Abacus Business Leaders Share Recent Press Release!

Abacus brings structure and process to assessing where value in a lower middle market company can be best enhanced.

December 28, 2011 – Abacus Business Leaders, LLC (Abacus) announced it has developed the PREPARESM methodology for company owners who are beginning to think about selling a business, passing it on to heirs or simply kick start growth of the business.

PREPARESM is designed to identify where ownership and management efforts should best be applied to increase the value of a business and reduce risk to would-be buyers. The objective is to quickly give the owner insight into a few most worthwhile goals that will help create value in the business and eventually result in cashing out for more when the decision is made to exit the business or pass it on to heirs.

This is a quick process delivered in a few work days at a modest cost. It emphasizes interacting with the management team in addition to reviewing historical financials and any existing budgets, marketing plans and strategic analysis that have already been completed.
Abacus engages in seven areas of review to identify where the best value enhancement will come from. These include:

• Profitability Analysis of the business to discover where growth should come from
• Real understanding of what makes the business special, what it doesn’t do and where it is going
• Efficiency and effectiveness of financial reporting and metrics
• Proper prices and costs
• Avoidance of destructive exposure to customers, vendors and key employees
• Rational planning to develop, communicate and measure progress towards goals
• Effectiveness of the management team

The recent recession has deferred owner plans to exit. It is more important than ever to insure that the essential attributes of a business have been PREPARED for maximum value.

Abacus Business Leaders apply their extensive insight into what buyers want in a business so they can confidently pay top dollar for it. All of the Abacus principals have owned, led and sold lower middle market businesses. Call today to begin the conversation that will PREPARESM your company for growth, sale or succession or pass along this information to an owner who needs help.

Tim Knaus, Principal
Abacus Business Leaders, LLC

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