Small Business Advocacy Council Launches New Crowd Funding Platform

Small Business Advocacy Council Launches New Crowd Funding Platform

The Small Business Advocacy Council (SBAC) announced the launch of SBAC Connects, a program that provides members with access to capital through Crowd Funding, Bank, Debt and Equity. In addition, the program offers our members valuable educational programs.

“One of the major challenges small business owners point to time after time is the inability to obtain lending or equity for their companies,” said Elliot Richardson, SBAC President. “SBAC Connects is a unique program that provides alternative lending and equity options for our members so they can invest in and expand their business, which helps out our local communities and economy.”

SBAC Connects features platforms for Crowd Funding, Debt, Equity and Knowledge. The Debt Exchange provides SBAC members with potential sources of debt financing, either through member banks or alternative lending sources. The Equity Exchange is a platform helping SBAC member businesses find equity partners for those members who prefer investment over traditional financing. The Knowledge Exchange provides members educational opportunities to assist with the operations and growth of their businesses.

The SBAC Connects Crowd Funding platform allows SBAC members to use the group’s extensive community to assist in funding small to mid-size projects. It even allows the member to reach out to family, friends and their clients in this process.

“Small business owners encounter so many road blocks in obtaining the capital they need to invest in their communities and hire new employees that they have become cynical about the whole process.” said Steve Jaffe, owner of eDot and Chair of the SBAC Connects committee that developed and launched the program. “SBAC Connects provides valuable resources to SBAC members to grow their businesses, and we are excited about the incredible opportunities this program provides to the small business community.”

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