SBAC pushes forward on healthcare coop

SBAC pushes forward on healthcare coop

After spending nearly two years fighting to get a healthcare cooperative approved in Illinois, Simple Hx (a group of surgeons, doctors, insurance professionals and hospital administrators) was denied a federal loan to manage and administer the program with a one-page rejection letter from CMS.

The SBAC, however, continues to push forward to make a healthcare cooperative a reality in Illinois – and more importantly to get more transparent and affordable healthcare in the hands of small business owners and employees.

As disappointing as the denial is, so is the absolute lack of transparency associated with the decision. Based on the limited information that we have due to CMS’ lack of transparency, it appears that it has become increasingly difficult for the start-up cooperatives established through the Affordable Care Act to be funded.

In addition to examining alternative options, we will be taking a variety of measures aimed at securing funding for the cooperative or, at a minimum, obtaining the underlying basis on which denial of the SimpleHx application was based.

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