Support Health Insurance Co-operatives in Illinois


Small businesses are the engine that drive the U.S. economy and create the majority of jobs in Illinois. However, escalating health insurance premiums have had a devastating impact on small businesses, causing many business owners to downsize or go without health insurance for themselves and their employees.

Please ask your Illinois State Representative and Illinois State Senator to co-sponsor a business bill in the House, HB 3976 , and an identical bill in the Senate SB 2885, and stand with small businesses that need affordable health insurance. HB 3976 and SB 2885 will allow small businesses and entrepreneurs to join together in a non-profit co-operative to create our own health insurance co-op. This co-op, modeled after very successful non-profit organizations in other states, would allow business owners to use the power of critical mass to compete in the free market with the few large health insurance companies that are raising premiums in an excessive and seemingly arbitrary way. The system is simply not working for small and mid-market business owners. The time to act is now.

We ask for your support in asking your legislators to support the bill and stand with small business. Please visit the website below and tell you legislators to pass this bill, it will take less than 5min: