SBAC Strategic Partner, LANE Media & Productions, Offering 10% Off of Professional, HD Video Production!

LANE Media & Productions creates professional, HD videos for your website that will engage, allure, and entice people to call!

Lane Media offers SBAC members 10% off of professional, HD video production that includes stunning website videos, video search engine optimization, event videography, event photography, and more.

LANE Media & Productions is a full-service video production house specializing in HD web video production. They create 30 second to 3 minute videos that can introduce you and/or your company, simplify your complex products and/or services, and condense information while engaging the viewer.

These videos go on your website, social channels, and anywhere online. They can be linked to QR codes that go on your business cards and marketing materials. The video can also be used under the signature line of your email to “learn more” about you, and your company.

They are a turnkey video production company. We can write your scripts, tailor your message for your audience, produce, edit, and distribute your content. Plus, we use video SEO to increase your opportunity of showing up in search engine results by more than 50 times! Give them call now to learn more!

Contact Information:
Jack Lane

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