SBAC Government Contracts Committee – Keeping you Informed!

The SBAC Government Contract Committee is currently in the process of designing effective, structured paths of education for all SBAC members who are interested in pursuing the government segment. Until this particular piece of research and development is completed, and we estimate that to be over the next 30-60 days, we will continue to inform the membership at large of individual events related to government work (federal, state, and local).

If you have any questions about education or training related to government work and small business, you may contact our committee’s resident experts:

Julie Savitt at or Gail Glasser at

Check out the Small Business Administration’s Bulletin regarding Federal Contracting:

Connecting You to America’s Leading Companies
Small Business Administration sent this bulletin at 03/22/2012 07:45 AM EDT

Small businesses like yours are the engines of our nation’s economy, and the Small Business Administration exists to help you find opportunities to grow and create jobs.

I want to make sure you know about two online tools that give you greater access to markets for you to sell goods and services. Recent reports show that small suppliers can more than triple revenue growth and more than double job growth just a few years after becoming a large company supplier.

Supplier Connection: Connecting YOU to America’s leading companies

Created by the IBM Foundation, Supplier Connection is a free online common application that allows you to simultaneously send information about your products and services to fifteen private sector companies. These buyers include some of America’s most respected firms, with purchasing power of $300 billion each year – Facebook, AT&T, IBM, Pfizer, UPS, Caterpillar, AMD, Office Depot, Dell, JP Morgan, John Deere, Wells Fargo, Citi, Kellogg’s, and Bank of America. Over the coming months, we expect even more large companies will be added. To join Supplier Connection, please visit

To read full bulletin, visit: