Renowned Chicago Talent Donates Arwork to our SBAC Advocacy Dinner Auction!

Carlos is an amazing and talented man, we are honored that he is donating his work to our event and to be able to tell his story.

Carlos paints abstract works in acrylic on canvas utilizing the Old Master’s oil technique of building color from dark to light by glazing. His vivid images are as limitless and timeless as the universe itself. His rich colors, textures and shapes have been described as beautiful representations of earthy essences, microscopic impressions or the spatial extensions of the galaxy. Carlos’ paintings transport the viewer to the inception of nature causing vibrations in the soul.

Carlos came to Chicago from Costa Rica at the age of two and grew up in the Old Town and Lincoln Park neighborhoods of the 1960’s. Carlos was greatly influenced by freethinking people and artists who lived and worked on these streets during those exciting times. His gallery and studio in Wicker Park was fashioned after the Old World way of working and displaying art. Carlos’ abstract paintings offer an edgy beauty, where bold colors and transparent images depict dimensions and parallel universes, which inspire an emotional response from every enthusiast.