Check out our April Legislative e-News!

This week the SBAC sponsors its first annual Advocacy Dinner and Awards Ceremony, which promises to be a amazing night of celebration and recognition of leaders within the small business community who have advanced the small business cause. Tickets are still available and proceeds will go toward future advocacy efforts.

If you’re wondering how effective the SBAC is in its small business advocacy efforts, you need only to read on to see how the SBAC has already impacted Illinois public policy, while becoming an important small business resource in the eyes of many elected and appointed public officials statewide and on a national level.

Due to the advocacy efforts in large part by the SBAC, the Illinois Department of Insurance has opted to authorize health care cooperatives in the state, while the Illinois Department of Employment Security is seeking guidance from the SBAC on implementation of a new unemployment program that will promote entrepreneurship and boost the economy. Meanwhile, the State of Illinois released its first annual report on small business procurement contracts, and a list of small business contract seminars is included. The SBAC has also been asked to weigh in on small business and entrepreneurial issues on a national level in Washington DC later this month.

While these victories are only the beginning of the SBAC’s advocacy efforts to advance small business issues, our continued success begins and ends with you. Whether attending the Advocacy Awards Dinner, contacting your legislator, traveling to Springfield or Washington to meet with legislators, or contributing to policy development, every effort moves the cause forward, and it is vital SBAC membership continues to work together to ensure our state and local governments are friendly to small business – which we all know is the backbone of our economy.

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