SBAC Delegation Addresses Small Business Issues with Congress

At the request of United States Senator Mary Landrieu, Chair of the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, a delegation of the SBAC traveled to Washington DC last week to discuss a series of SBAC proposals aimed to improve the environment for small business.

The delegation expressed their support for the following issues, and was pleased to learn the Senate Committee would likely incorporate these proposals into legislation:

  • Creating a fair tax structure for small business
  • Extending consumer credit card protections to business credit cards
  • Authorizing CROWD Funding

The group also met with the Council of Smaller Entrepreneurs (COSE), a small business advocacy group in Ohio with over 14,000 members to learn about their hard work on behalf of small business and identify future collaborative efforts. Special thanks to Ben Kohn for bringing the organizations together.

Members of the delegation included SBAC President Elliot Richardson, Korey Cotter Heather & Richardson LLC; Steve Banke, 3Points, LLC; Mike Cavanaugh, Know Your Options, Inc; Joel Goldblatt, Williams Bax & Saltzman, PC; Jerrry Kalish, National Benefit Services, Inc.; Kevin Kane, KPMG; Ben Kohn, Fidelity Voice; Jeff Richardson, Elliter Enterprises, LLC; Chad Sorenson, University of Wisconsin; and Jason Rubens, Rubens & Kress.

“It’s an honor to be asked to weigh in on issues impacting small business owners and employees on the federal level,” said SBAC President Elliot Richardson. “We are very pleased that our efforts are providing small business owners a voice in many different forums.”