SBAC Strategic Partner Kaizen Consulting Takes Your Business to the Next Level

Are you wondering how to maximize the worth of your company, or
 how to transition to a purely strategic role? Kaizen Consulting can help by providing successful entrepreneurs with the skills, tools and additional perspectives they may need to assist them to move forward.

Kaizen will work with you to transition your role within your business so that you can contribute substantially or entirely at a strategic level, leaving the daily workings of the business to your team.

Chuck Scharenberg and the Kaizen team take a hands-on, sleeves-rolled-up approach. This is not a typical consultancy arrangement where you receive a long-winded strategy document that you must implement alone. Kaizen senior consultants think strategically – but they also make things happen.
This service is ideal for business owners who are ready to embrace change and evolution in themselves, and in the company they’ve created or grown.

Kaizen Consulting offers a complimentary initial consultation and 10% discount to SBAC member organizations for all other consultation services.

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