Office Sharing Program: Focus on DeMarco Sciaccotta LLC in Oak Brook

Are you stuck scheduling business meetings in your home or at the local coffee shop? Then the SBAC’s Office Sharing Program is the perfect solution.

Through the SBAC Office Sharing Program, members have made their offices and conference rooms available to other SBAC members for meetings and appointments. This is a free service and only requires that you contact the SBAC for reservations. Availability is subject to each individual member’s office booking schedule so scheduling appointments well in advance is suggested.

If you’re in the Western suburbs and need a conference room, check out DeMarco Sciaccotta, LLP in Oak Brook. The office, located at 1211 West 22nd Street, Suite 110, offers a conference room that seats 12 people.

To reserve your office space at DeMarco Sciaccotta, LLP or one of the many other locations, contact Blanca Campos at (847) 990-7909 or

Head over to the SBAC Office Sharing program section to view the many office locations in Chicago and suburbs and to learn more about the program.