For Your Consulting, Coaching and Executive Search Needs, look to SBAC Strategic Partner R.J. Maxman & Associates

R. J. Maxman & Associates believes that experience counts–this experience tempered with the unique challenges and opportunities presented by each individual client drives the success of each endeavor. In each service area, we have teamed with the “best in the business.”

• Consulting: The One Page Business Plan©

• Business Coaching: material developed by Brian Tracy for Focal Point Coaching©

• Executive Search: Larsen International©.

Using experience gained in presenting Best Practices in Project Management to more than 2,000 architects and engineers and in teaching graduate level courses in Leadership, have developed in-house and public training workshops that guarantee immediate results through improved performance.

R. J. Maxman & Associates will give SBAC members a 50% discount on Leadership Workshops and a 10% discount on all consulting, training and coaching assignments with SBAC members.

Want to learn more? Check out R.J. Maxman & Associates’ webinar “Get the Results You Want and Deserve Every Time” on Monday, July 9 where you will learn how to delegate tasks so that you get the results that you expect–on time, on budget, every time. Simple techniques will also be discussed to allow you to assign tasks in a way that gets “buy in,” and keeps you in control without micro-managing. Click here to sign up today for the 45 minute session that will give you results that you can use immediately to make you more effective and make your team more effective.

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