SBAC seeks speakers and moderators for co-hosted webinars

The SBAC is seeking speakers and moderators for five webinar series we are co-sponsoring with Financial Poise. The SBAC will market these webinars and they will provide great exposure for those who participate.

Anyone interested in speaking or moderating a webinar should contact
Diana Casas at Financial Poise, LLC at

The webinar series and topics are as follows:

Protecting Your Business Series

1. Corporate Formation and Limited Liability

2. Compliance with the Tax Code and other Government Regulations

3. Personal asset protection

4. Protecting Your Intellectual Property

5. Protection From Cyber and Identity Theft

6. Securing Necessary Insurance (including liability, workers comp, buy-sells, errors and omissions)

Finance and Accounting for the Non-Accountant and Non-CFO Series

 1. The Income Statement

2. The Balance Sheet

3. Cash is King

4. Key Ratios

5. ROI: Practical Tips for Controls to Prevent and Detect Fraud

6. Financing Basics

Access to Capital Series

1. Putting yourself in position to secure a loan

2. Anatomy of a Bank Loan Agreement

3. Alternative financing (including factoring, IRA loans and others)

4. SBA 504 Small Business Loans

5. SBA Requirements and Lending

6. When and how to find an equity partner

Marketing Series

1. Marketing v. PR v. Sales

2. How to Write a Marketing Plan

3. Marketing 101 for the Small Business

4. Marketing 201 for the Small Business

5. Social Media-101

6. Social Media- 201

Increasing Sales
v. Current Topics / Critical Information Series

1. Health Insurance Resources

2. Human Resources Update

3-6: TBD