Learn Your Business Personality – Take the BOSI Survey!

Learn Your Business Personality - Take the BOSI Survey!

Have you ever wondered about your “business personality?” What role in a company or start-up would you be the best-suited for? Take the BOSI quiz to discover more about yourself: Click Here.

The quiz takes less than five minutes and reveals a wealth of information about you. It is important to be honest to achieve the most accurate results. The first question asks what role you play in the business world and determines your experience. Then, answer ten short questions tailored to the role you chose.

When you are finished, share it on your favorite social network, and you may encourage others to assess themselves. Whether you are a Builder, Opportunist, Specialist, or Innovator, discover your entrepreneurial DNA. Find out what drives you and what you can do with it!

Find more great resources in the SBAC Education and Resources section at https://www.smallbusinessadvocacycouncil.org/education-and-resources.